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Adam Hall is a cinematographer with over twenty years shooting experience. He began his career in the world of fashion photography. He was Juergen Teller's assistant and his own work has been published in Vogue, InStyle and Conde Nast Traveller magazines. He moved on to work as a loader on feature films and commercials,  progressing to focus-puller, and then camera operator.

"I worked as a loader, 2nd assistant, 1st assistant, before I became a camera operator. Having worked in all those jobs helped me learn what it takes to be a good camera operator. It also helped me understand what it takes for a camera department to function efficiently. I have tremendous respect for all the members of the camera team because I understand how hard their job is."

After this world-class apprenticeship, he began working as a D.O.P. - working on 35mm film, Arri Alexa and RED cameras in 2D and 3D.

Adam's commercial work is at the highest global level, with clients ranging from Coca-Cola, Jaguar, Nokia, Ford and collaborating with stars such as Gary Oldman, Kylie Minogue, Placido Domingo, Mickey Rourke and Wayne Rooney 

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